There are so many forms of art around us in our daily lives that we feel no child’s education would be complete without the Arts. Thus, it is an important part of our curriculum.

Our fine arts program begins in kindergarten and extends through our student’s education until 12th grade. We start with the basics of fine motor skills, shapes and colors, and move through developing those skills, adding a wide selection of techniques, form, quality of work and art appreciation. Through various mediums and crafts personal expression is developed in its most creative forms.

By the time students graduate from Cornerstone Academy they have a good grasp on various art techniques and a good understanding of its importance in the world today.


The music program starts at an early age, where students first learn beginner level music concepts and are introduced to a wide variety of musical instruments and classical pieces. As students progress in the program, they learn basics in music, such as harmonies, tempo, rhythm and beat. In addition to the above, students who wish may branch off and take on additional private piano or drum lessons with either of our two accomplished music teachers.

As students enter into middle and high school, they have a chance to join the Cornerstone Choir, where more advanced levels of music theory, composition, song writing and singing take place. Students are encouraged to participate in regular talent shows and recitals, putting their hard earned musical talents to work in front of a crowd.


The dance program is for students of all ages. It begins with gross motor skills and body coordination while moving to a beat. Elementary students are introduced to jazz, hip-hop, pop and theatrical dance. Middle and high school students are taught the fundamentals of what it takes to work in a dance crew, working hard through out the year on dance routines for performances at the end of the year.

The above programs coalesce into a theater production at the end of the year, put on by students of all ages. Through the end-of-year theater production students are able to put their newly acquired skills to work to create a one of a kind show.