Quick Tip #5: Breathe!

As a parent, you need some “me time” every once in a while. Here are 2 articles that can help give you some time to yourself: 9 Tips You’ve Never Heard of For Getting Baby to Bed 30 Kids Activities […]

Our latest Graduate!

Before the start of summer, we had a wonderful graduate named Valerie. She graduated High School at 16 years old having attended Cornerstone Academy (Kids’ World’s Middle and High School program) for 4 years. She gave an elegant speech at […]

What’s What With Water

The Uppers, Middles and Dinos did a water investigation project to see if all waters are the same.   First, there was a lesson on water sourcing, differences between fresh and salt water, what is clean or dirty water, the molecular structure […]

Quick Tip #2: Crafty Creations

Here are some great “craftivities” for the summer! Tin-Can Wind Chime This beautiful craft is a great way to let little ones explore their creativity, while making something that’s a treat for the ears and eyes. http://www.allyou.com/budget-home/crafts/tin-can-wind-chime Water Bottle Piggy […]

Hiking at Sturtevant Falls

The Uppers and Middles had a great hike at Sturtevant Falls in Arcadia. They hiked 2.3 miles to the waterfall and 2.3 miles back. On the way, they crossed bridges both manmade and nature made. After, they went to their […]

A Mother’s Day Tea Party

The PTO (Parent-Teacher Organization) at Kids’ World put together a wonderful celebration for Mother’s Day this year. Finger sandwiches, cupcakes and tea were served to the moms by their kids. Different gifts from each of the classes were presented to the moms as […]