Kids are messy. Let’s face it. You can have the cleanest kids in the world and still, chocolate ends up in their hair (and you can’t remember the last time you gave them chocolate).

So, here are a couple quick tips that could save you a lot of extra time!

1. “Almost” Unmeltable Popsicles


Adding some Jell-O to your popsicles keeps them from melting as fast! Click here for the full article.

2. Perfect Princess hair taming solution:


Add some fabric softener to a spray bottle full of water to get your kid’s doll hair back to a manageable do.

3. Designated magnetic cups:

If your kids are always grabbing new cups for water, this is the perfect solution. Just glue some magnets to a plastic cup and stick it on the fridge. Not only does this mean less dishwashing but also, cups can be kept at kid-height instead of in high-up cupboards.