I wanted to tell you about some ways we teach science to our Transitional Kindergartners (ages 3-4).

Science pre K 1


Science pre K 2

In the above pictures the kids are learning about dinosaurs and dinosaur eggs. They got to crack open the eggs to retrieve the dinosaurs.  Their teacher is constantly coming up with creative and fun ways to teach the kids the basics of various subjects, with a large focus on practical application and hands-on activities.

rain science pre k

Here the kids are learning about steam and rain. They are actually creating their own rain while sipping on hot cocoa. (It was a colder day) ūüôā

snow pre K


Here you see the kids learning about snow. They got to make their own little snowmen!

Those are a few¬†examples on how make learning fun for the kids. I hope you enjoyed! We’d love to hear from you!