As students enter middle school and advance on to high school levels, students learn to be more and more independent in their studies, applying what they have learned about learning how to learn and the Barriers to Study, enabling them to keep themselves rolling along in their studies and becoming self-sufficient, life long learners.

In addition to learning the common academic subjects (i.e., math, reading writing, vocabulary, history, science, art, PE, etc.) students in middle and high school levels get to take courses in a wide variety of other subjects, allowing them to hone useful skills for their upcoming careers as adults. Students can take courses in dance, drama, choir, public speaking, literature, leadership (ethics, responsibility, etc.) economics (useful things from balancing your check book or how to calculate a loan, all the way to doing your taxes), business management and organizing skills, communications and even a class in basic Forensics.

With their intermediate and advanced academics in place in addition to classes in the above, by graduation students are ready to set out on their way to accomplishing their goals.