repair of past education photoSadly, with current educational systems being what they are, many students, for one reason or another, fall through the cracks and get lost in the system. These students don’t really understanding what they are learning, maybe it was not explained properly, maybe they fell ill and so missed that day of school, either way they didn’t really get some point of their curriculum fully before it was time to move on. To compound the situation, teachers already overwhelmed by the sheer number of students they are working with, simply do not have the time to sit down and sort out every single student. Sadly, these students, though they have gaps in their education, are moved on year after year. When this happens, the gaps and confusions pile up as children are advanced into higher and higher levels, while still not understanding the basics.

Here at Kids’ World School, our program is run on a personalized, self-paced program. Each student gets the time and attention they need for each part of their curriculum. When a student comes to us with their education in poor shape, or wanting help to get back on their feet, we take the time and attention to get it understood before moving on. In this way, a student regains their interest and enthusiasm for learning and begins to really win!

The self-paced component of our program allows students, who might not have had the opportunity to get sorted out elsewhere, to gain a full understanding and mastery of points important to their progress and advancement in their education.