Paula Gonzalez and Arturo Aguilar began Kids’ World School in 1991 as a K-5 school with 11 students. By the following year, the student body had already doubled. The purpose was, and continues to be, to have a school which not only provides a safe, family environment, but also allows a child to thrive while not getting left behind in his or her studies.

With the experience she gained in running her family day care (1986 to present) Paula was very aware that some children need more attention than others. With this in mind she developed the school’s individualized curriculum for K-12 in order to meet each child’s needs. Included in the delivery is the necessary amount of one-on-one personal attention with each student, ensuring success with his education.

In 2007 the school expanded, moving to larger quarters and adding the Cornerstone Academy which would now deliver grades 6 – 12.

Through the years the school has formed a well-rounded curriculum, including art, music, dance, culinary arts and an expanded science program that encompasses biology, physics and chemistry classes.


Kyla has been a teacher at Kids’ World School and Cornerstone Academy for over a decade. She knows that her inspirations and education can create an inspiration to learn and be successful in her students. She feels a responsibility for every child she teaches in ensuring they have the skills they need to succeed in life. Her favorite part of teaching is helping her kids find their passion and giving them the tools and education to be able to pursue that passion with vigor.

On her free time she enjoys drawing and painting and is quite an incredible artist.


Nancy has been teaching here at Kids’ World School for over 20 years. Her favorite part of her job is teaching her kids how to read. She loves seeing her children’s faces light up when they realize they are able to read! She loves the teaching method and curriculum employed at Kids’ World School and takes great happiness in seeing her children grow and really understand what they are learning. She also loves the family and “at home” environment that Kids’ World provides for their students. The children are kind, helpful and each take care of each other.

On her free time she enjoys spending time with her family.


Armik has worked with kids for over 20 years. Starting in the year 2000 she worked as a Kindergarten/1st grade teacher’s assistant and since this time has worked in many different schools of all age groups.

She truly loves teaching young children and creating fun and artistic ways for them to learn. She has a passion for cooking with kids, growing gardens with them and teaching them about healthy food and where it comes from. Armik is an avid reader and enjoys reading on her off time.


Marina K. Rehrmann was born in Yerevan-Armenia. Early in life she was exposed to the world of art by her father (a blues singer, song writer and guitarist-well known in his era), and her mother, a school teacher and an art enthusiast who migrated to Europe with her two kids in the 1990s. Even as a young girl, Marina drew enormous attention to her paintings from her art school’s regional peers and critics in Kassel-Germany.

Her love for art has led her to accomplish the creation of many self-defined styles of paintings dubbed by many industry experts as “unique and rare” — both in texture and color coordination.

Marina’s original paintings — numbering in hundreds, have been sold, rented and licensed for mass production throughout the US and Europe through multiple venues including private art dealers and industry-renowned art representatives such as ArtPick Gallery,,,, and many other online retailers.

Marian’s profound love for children has led her to devote part of her career to helping children in as many ways as possible –including teaching art privately and working as a school art teacher for Kids’ World School, Inc. & Cornerstone Academy of L.A. In addition, Marina has done illustrations for many Children’s Books for Quiet Time Productions, LLC (an internationally renowned children’s book production company).


As a studio-trained dancer from the age of four, Kari has spent years enjoying the arts to the max. At the age of 9, Kari’s love of theatre was born; and this led her to pursue training in singing, acting and many other styles of dance. Trained extensively by top L.A. dance pro’s, Kari is also an award-winning choreographer and performer. Whether working in ballet, jazz, musical theatre, tap, ballroom or basic tumbling, live or on camera, Kari is “at home”. She has done a wide array of performances from solo to groups as large as seventy dancers. Over the last twenty-three years, she has performed in, choreographed and directed hundreds of other shows across the United States and as far away as England. Children and teens are her special joy, and she is so thrilled to be able to share her love of and skill in the performing arts with the students of Kids World and Cornerstone Academy.