Cornerstone Academy of Los Angeles, Grades 6-12

As students enter and move through middle school, and eventually into high school levels, students learn to be more and more independent in their studies. It is important for them to be able to apply what they have learned. That is why students at Cornerstone Academy are taught about how to study independently and about the three important Barriers to Study. Having this knowledge, this enables them to keep themselves rolling along in their studies and permits them to become self-sufficient, life long learners.

In addition to learning the common academic subjects (i.e., math, reading writing, vocabulary, history, science, art, PE, etc.) students at middle and high school levels get to take courses in a wide variety of subjects, allowing them to hone useful skills for their upcoming careers as adults.

Students may take courses in dance, drama, choir, public speaking, literature, leadership (ethics and responsibility, etc.), economics (useful things from balancing your checkbook or how to calculate a loan, all the way to doing your own taxes), business management, organizing skills, and communications.

With their intermediate and advanced academics in place students are ready to go on their way and accomplish their life goals.