At Kids’ World School we offer year-round enrollment, so there is no need to wait for the next school year to enroll your child.

The process begins with our Enrollment Application. Once we have verified that your child qualifies, we provide a tour of our school facility at which point any further questions will be answered. Parents are shown the various activities that take place on a day-to-day basis and given an overview of our school curriculum.

Your child will be invited to spend a free day to experience the school’s atmosphere. During this time we will conduct the initial interview, student entry diagnostic test and also have your child participate in several classroom activities. This will give you and your child better understanding of the school and our curriculum.

We will have you fill out the enrollment forms, complete all documentation and then your child will be placed in the right classroom based on their test results.

For your convenience, tuition pricing and all applicable fees are available for download below.


Please fax the application form to:

(323) 663-4704

or scan and email it to: