There are endless amounts of statistics revealing that far too many American Public Schools are failing our students, teachers and parents.  Students are not learning the skills and obtaining the knowledge they need to succeed in today’s world. These students need the right tools to help them realize their hopes and dreams.  Not enough students reach college, and for many that do, they are not prepared. Unfortunately, to compound the situation, too often for many parents, it is not financially possible to enroll their children in the best schools and so they are forced to make due with a subpar system.

With the above in mind, and in an effort to help close the gap for parents who want the best education for their children, we are very excited to present to you the Kids’ World School, Inc.  “Education for a Better Future – Scholarship Fund”.  With this program, we can reach out further and help children who otherwise would not have the opportunity to realize their potential and achieve what greatness lies ahead of them.



Each year, with the help of your generous donations, the Kids’ World School Board of Directors selects students for the scholarship program, allowing students to attend our school who otherwise would not have been able to enroll. Kids’ World School, Inc. is a nonprofit organization with a 501c3 designation so donations made to the Scholarship Fund for these students are tax deductible.

Kids’ World School, Inc. and all the students who have benefited from the scholarship fund thank you in advance, should you decide to donate to the “Education for a Better Future – Scholarship Fund”.