Did you know Kids’ World School offers a Transitional Kindergarten program (ages 3-5) to help your child foster their love and enthusiasm for learning? This is a great way to ease them into Kindergarten and get them a head start on learning the basics.

Here are some of the activities and projects we do with the early kindergarten children:

  • Fine motor skills through tracing, colors, shapes and games.
  • Basics of math (numbers, counting, understanding patterns, etc.)
  • Various art projects to harness and boost their creative thinking skills, including fun seasonal art projects for each major holiday.
  • Planting and tending their own garden to introduce fundamental biology concepts and the basics of nutrition.
  • Learning letters and their sounds.
  • Basics of science (air, water, light, etc.).
  • Manners and fundamental social skills (such as sharing, please and thank you, cleaning up after yourself, etc.)
  • Basics of music (playing simple instruments), singing and rhymes.
  • Physical education to enhance gross motor skills.
  • Fun field trips. (Museums, parks, the zoo, farms and more)
  • Theater and dance with our dance teacher (with a full theater performance twice a year).

For more information on the Transitional Kindergarten program please visit our admissions page or call (323) 663-4703.