Here at Kids’ World School, Inc & Cornerstone Academy we pride ourselves in the focus we put on our art and theater programs.

We know how pivotal the arts are to a child’s learning and development. We therefore start them on art programs right when them come into Transitional Kindergarten (ages 3-5). These kids are involved in basic music classes, dance class, arts and crafts and have a part in our 2 large theater performances we put on each year.


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Using art as a form of educating makes learning fun, all while nurturing the child’s natural creativity, which they will use later in every single aspect of life.

As the kids get older we continue to offer many different forms of art – from one-on-one music lessons to group classes on drawing/painting, to our group theater and music programs. The kids participate in theater and music by choice and are given roles they are interested in – from acting, dancing and singing to being a part of the props and stage crew.


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Twice a year we put on a big show where the kids show off their various talents. It’s quite a production and the kids absolutely love it. Our last show was a rendition of Dr. Suess’s “Horton Hears a Who” (younger kids) and a rendition of the famous musical “In the Heights” (older kids).




This year we are doing a winter and holiday themed musical which involves acting, dancing and singing (the show is tomorrow!).


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The kids adore our theater teacher, Kari Duckhorn and her assistant, Cassie Carl.

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We are very proud to be one of the few schools that is keeping art alive and strong!