Hello Parents,

Failure to follow the booster seat rule can result in a pretty big fine in the state of California.   I wanted to remind you all that anyone under 4 feet 9 inches is required to be in a booster seat.  The child is apparently not allowed to ride in the front seat.  The cross belt is supposed to sit across their shoulder, not their neck.
More traffic fine information:
Special reminder: California’s new traffic fine rules were released on January 1, 2019:

Forgot to carry your driver’s license $214
Forgot to change the address (more than ten days) $214

Uninsured car in an accident $796 and Driver’s license revoked for 4 years.

Failed to stop at red light or turning right at No Turn on Red $533

Crossing a double yellow line $425.
Violation of the turn or U-turn $284.

Speeding 1-15 miles $224 16-25 miles $338
Stop Sign but failed to stop $284

Pass the flashing light of a school bus $675

Talking on cell phone 1st time $76, 2nd time $190, same penalty even if you are just holding it in your hand

Not wearing a seat belt $160
Stopped at a bus stop $976

Driving with high beam light (from 30 points) $382

Child did not wear a seat belt or in a child’s seat $436

Tinted windows $178
Driving with headphones $178

Modified Exhaust $1000 EACH stop.

All of the above violations allow for you to go to traffic school for 8 hours.
If you get a 2nd ticket within 18 months, no traffic school, you must pay the penalty, points go on your driving record, and your insurance rates will rise.
You might want to review recommendations these with the drivers in your household to prevent any surprises.